Founded in 2012 by two ex-graffiti writers, Blendstuff™ is a multidisciplinary creative studio based in Barcelona. We put passion in everything we do and we love to be detailed.
Over the years we have worked for brands from Norway, United Kingdom, Denmark, Argentina and Mexico.


Full-Service photo content production. Our team manages all things on-site for you. From setting up the location, searching the models and crew, to styling hair and make-up.

Graphic design

We are focused on design for digital media, making banners, newsletters or design for digital advertising in general.

Web design

We are specialized in Wordpress, adapting the themes to each client with HTML and CSS. We also carry out technical maintenance with incident resolution via Whatsapp.


We are a UAS operator authorized by AESA. We can fly in CTR, urban areas, and natural spaces.
We ensure compliance with safety standards and government regulations, which allows us to operate legally and responsibly in any scenario.

Digital retouch

In our photo editing work, we strive to bring out the full potential of each image, including raw file development, advertising compositions, and image processing.


Videos are a highly effective tool for showcasing products and services, and our team has experience in producing various types of videos, such as interviews, tourism productions, corporate and advertising videos.

A small team making big things